Penny Jamieson – Executive Director

Penny Jamieson – Executive Director

Founder of Power of HOPE Community Organization, Penny Jamieson has passion and compassion for others and, with her vision, has taken what was once a dream of “Helping Other People Everyday” to reality. Read her story below:

As everyone was watching CNN August 29, 2005, Penny knew that she had to do something for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, a devastating disaster she knew would never happen at home.

Penny started collecting items to be transported down to Youngsville, Louisiana which took her six weeks from start to finish. While loading half of a 53-foot transport trailer, she had no idea what was in store for her and her husband George. They saw first-hand the devastation in the storm ravaged area that changed their lives forever.

Penny wanted to give back to her community, as a thank you for the help and donations  given to the victims.  In 2008, Power of H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everyday) was formed and she began collecting  stuffed toys to give to low income families, men’s and women’s shelters, and teen pregnancy homes in her community for Christmas. Over the next three years, with the support and generosity of friends and family, Penny collected and distributed 4,725 stuffed toys and 600 pyjamas.

Penny saw such a need in her community, as well as many other surrounding areas, she felt the need to expand her efforts to a new level by becoming a not-for-profit. In January of 2011, following Penny’s mission to provide support with compassion and integrity to families in need, Power of HOPE Community Organization was born.

Headed by Penny Jamieson, Power of HOPE has donated a further 1,170 pairs of pyjamas, 3,300 stuffed toys and hundreds of other items, such as blankets, towels, and toiletries, to the needy families in Wellington County, Waterloo Region and Perth County. 

Through Penny’s vision to have the presence of Power of HOPE in all communities of Southwestern Ontario, in 2012 the organization expanded to include the Woodstock area under the direction of Karen Geerts, and in 2014 became a registered charity.

To help Penny’s mission and support Power of HOPE Community Organization, you can contact her by phone or email.

Phone: (519) 848-5024

Phone: 519-848-2561

Registered Charitable #: 82360 0119 RR0001